College of Veterinary Medicine, NPUST

Introduction of college

In order to strengthen the educational, research, clinical service and public service for an advanced care of animal and human health, the Department of Veterinary Medicine in the College of Agriculture was expanded into the CVM in August, 2011. The CVM comprises the Department of Veterinary Medicine, the Graduate Institute of Animal Vaccine Technology, the Animal Teaching Hospital, the Animal Vaccines and Adjuvant Research Center, and the Animal Disease Diagnostic Center. The Graduate Institute of Wildlife Conservation was recruited into the CVM in August, 2012.
The educational objective of the College of Veterinary Medicine is to cultivate professional and holistic veterinary personnel with global perspective.  Taking the veterinary medicine as the foundation, along with the vaccinology and wildlife conservation medicine, the goal of the CVM is to develop as one of the best CVM in Asia in terms of tropical and subtropical veterinary medicine.
Based on the professional specialty of the faculty, five teaching teams are set up: 1) fundamental veterinary medicine, 2) clinical veterinary medicine, 3) preventive veterinary medicine, 4) wildlife conservation medicine, and 5) wildlife ecology and conservation.  By integrating the basic research and clinical service, eight professional research and service teams are also established: 1) fundamental veterinary medicine research, 2) wildlife ecology and conservation research, 3) animal vaccine development, 4) companion animal diseases, 5) herbivore and wildlife diseases, 6) porcine diseases, 7) poultry diseases, 8) aquatic animal diseases.  All animal research will be performed under the regulations of the NPUST IACUC for meeting international standards of AAALAC.  
The collaboration within the CVM and with other colleges in NPUST advances the quality of teaching and research. The rotation program in the Animal Teaching Hospital will also strengthen the students’ ability of integrating theoretical knowledge and practical application.